The greatest thing about a resell rights package is the opportunity to offer tremendous value to your customer base, as a powerful purchase incentive. We all like to feel like we are getting a great deal, and few sales models are more attractive than the package deal.

Perhaps the only thing even more attractive than that would be the chance to make back our purchase price by reselling to others the products that we believe in. This is the resell rights package deal, in a nutshell.

This article discusses the resell rights package from the perspective of two different sales models:

1.    the specialist niche, or vertical market sale;
2.    the generalist “non-niche,” or scattershot approach.

Example One, the Niche Market. Let’s say you are an acknowledged authority or expert in a particular area, or at least becoming recognized as one. This could be anything from rocket science to beauty makeovers to baseball card collecting. So, if you already have the know-how to produce an e-book or other authoritative guide of your own, then why would you want to sell someone else’s product line, especially if it competes with yours? Well, of course, if your customers or readers are already looking to you as their guru, then it is nearly as easy to sell them $50 worth of product in the same website visit, as it is to sell them your own $25 worth of product. All you have to do is to purchase the resell rights to the competing product, then go through the steps to make it available on your own site.

This is how you can increase your own power and credibility by carrying other experts’ products as well as your own. Perhaps the only thing better than being an acknowledged expert on a topic is to be regarded as the one-stop shop or go-to site for that topic. It sure is an easier way to make money! Why write a competing product, when you can simply sell your competitor’s product as part of your resell rights package instead?

An extension of this idea is to offer your customers the right to resell these products within their own social networks or professional circles. Voila, viral marketing, as never before, through the power of leveraging the Internet. This is known as the master resell package deal.

A common related deal is to offer a discount on the price of both products, by acting now. We have all seen commercials making these kinds of offers on late-night TV or on a shopping channel. Even a big online retailer such as Amazon is famous for doing this, by throwing in free shipping when a customer buys $25 or more in selected products in the same purchase.

Example Two, the Big Online Marketplace. The scattershot approach takes the opposite tactic. This is where, instead of being an authority, you are a serious marketer, or at least highly interested in becoming one. In that case, you offer a range of products on areas that nearly everybody is interested in, such as relationships, family, home improvement, and how to get a better job, along with pretty much any area of self-improvement — self-help products are huge sellers! All of these are time-tested topics of nearly universal appeal. So what you need for success with this approach is an offer that is unique, such as offering a combination of popular topics or titles in one easy to buy package. Book clubs, music clubs, and movie clubs do this all the time, in order to induce prospective members to sign up.

And again, of course, by offering your customers the right to resell the package, as a master resell package deal, you can make more money per sale than you could if you were merely selling them the package itself.

There are resell membership sites and resell rights package groups or clubs that do a lot of the pre-sorting for you, so that you don’t have to track down all the good products yourself. If you want to offer your customer base a lot of different products on an ongoing basis, with a lot of variety in the product mix to keep them coming back for what’s new, then becoming a member of such a resell rights package organization might be worth your money, just to save time. Keep in mind, however, that you will still have to market your site to let them know what’s the latest and greatest. Also, a big package deal club like this may be the online equivalent of Costco — you and all your neighbors may be shopping for the same things, so again, you will have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

One way to deal with this problem is to do a brutally honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. You can ask family and friends whose opinions you trust to help you with this too. Perhaps you are very charming, but not so technically oriented? Then you want to find a chance to play to your strength as a “people person,” not as a techie troubleshooter. Once you have done this, you can search for a reputable site with a reliable variety of resell rights package that you believe in, and then use your charm to personalize the products within the package and then promote them to your customer base.

You may need to change the colors, the titles, or the focus of the resell rights package in order to get it across well. Again, if you don’t have the technical know-how to do this, then you may want to partner with someone who does. Perhaps you can offer to make their site more personable by offering your take on how to improve its appeal.

The good thing about a resell rights package club is that you may get first shot at any topics that are “hot” — meaning new and interesting, that may not have been available online for months or even years already. If you pay attention to the news headlines, and if you have a strong sense of what others are focused on or worried about, this may give you the edge over your competition.

You can keep a running list of topics to research for a resell rights package, and add to it as particular topics arise in your daily life as late-breaking news or conversations with your social network.