So what are the advantages to resell rights products?


Because resell rights products are information of some sort that come with the right to resell, they are not hard to get started selling. There are no legal fees, and no hassles with research on your own time and dime. In fact, most of your time will be spent on packaging and marketing. This process includes everything from [a] rebranding the content with your own logo and website links (presuming this is part of your resell agreement), to [b] looking for good versions of resell rights products on today’s hot topics, and then [c] finding ways to drive traffic for that demand to your web page, through the use of Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization.


We all want to spend less time working by making more money so that we can then spend more of our lives enjoying ourselves with the people we like.

Naturally, we hope that the future brings us a better way of life. We like to believe that later on, our lives will be easier than the present struggle: more happiness, more fulfillment, a relationship (or maybe a more satisfying relationship than the one we are currently in), more money, security, or whatever else we may desire.

And so we wait. The problem is that often we exploit the future as an excuse to keep from changing our lives today! But the truth is that the people who are successful are the ones who make things happen today, rather than waiting for things to happen to them.

Often we wait to do things because we are afraid of doing them wrong. But one of the beautiful things about online resell rights products is the third advantage:


In order to make money, who is likely to make the most? The person who has to do all the creative work himself, and then all the marketing and promotion, or the person who takes the finished product and deals with its marketing and promotion? Well, the fact is, if both parties can keep down their costs and work efficiently, then both can make money. But the truth is that there are thousands of creative people who would rather spend their time doing the research and development of their creativity. So you can be their middleman. It’s the Four M’s Principle: Middlemen Make More Money.

So online reselling is real work, but it is much easier and much less risky in the long run than developing a product without doing the research to see if a market for it exists. With resell rights products, you can test-market a product for relatively low up-front time and money investment, run it through your marketing and promotion mill, and see if it pays. Also, with products that pass your initial testing phase, you can see how long it pays to keep it in the top of your product line, then either push them back in the mix or drop them altogether, with no fear of getting stuck with boxes of worthless inventory.

Always keep your hottest sellers at the top of your list, and you can surf the demand from customers surfing for the information you can provide them with.


There are thousands of products with resell rights available for you to get started selling. This article offers you some quick tips on how to pick products with resell rights that make money.

Beware of any promises that seem hard to fulfill, especially anything about fast, easy money or that promises to do everything for you. “Everything” always has a way of leaving out the details.

Internet marketing is a business, and just as with any other business, you will have to do real work to make a success of it. The good news is that this is not a business that is hard to get started in, and you can do it with a relatively low investment if you are careful and take your time to choose worthy products.

FIND A NICHE AND FOCUS ON THAT. By choosing a niche that you can get excited about promoting, your enthusiasm will rub off on others. For instance, a friend of mine had a backyard barbecue party on a major holiday recently. Recently he had published a book he had written himself. By the end of the afternoon, he had sold four copies to his guests.

No, he was not hard-selling them his book. No, selling four copies of his book did not pay his rent in one afternoon. But he did have the book available for purchase there, and four people took it home after giving him real money for it. I imagine he had a display set up on a card table or something like that. Now that’s pretty good for throwing a party where the book was not the main reason for being there.

FIND A RELIABLE PROVIDER. Your Internet sales website for products with resell rights is like my friend’s card table. You will need to find a website hosting provider to set up your online sales pages. You can search the web for “ISP hosting” or “website hosting provider” to check out a few.

HOT TOPICS FOR PRODUCTS WITH RESELL RIGHTS TEND TO STAY THE SAME. Do you have to write the book yourself, then? No. In fact, it’s more profitable and less risky if you can sell good information created by others. But you need to sell something that others are interested in or curious about. So it is the same thing online, only you are pitching your product to a larger audience than my friend had at his barbecue. This is why you pick an area that you are excited about. Supply something of real value to others, and you can profit from it. Here are two popular areas you could explore for marketing online products with resell rights:

–HOW-TO. We all want to know how to do things to save money and time. You’re reading this article for that reason, right?

– RELATIONSHIPS. Are you the person people always ask for advice on how to manage their love life, their relationship problems? That may be a good area of endeavor for you online, then.

The trick is to sell information that people will want at all times, in all seasons. Sometimes we call this packaging timeless wisdom. So look for products that offer useful information, year in and year out, and get your share of the Internet pie.