1.    You Gain More Control over Your Time and Your Life. The books on time management tend to agree that the more you can break tasks up into manageable, bite-size pieces, the easier it is to accomplish in large-scale projects. They also tend to agree that, by learning time management skills and how to leverage the work of others in order to profit, you have the best chance of success in any endeavor.

Full resell rights would seem tailor made for such a model. Being in business for yourself always gives you the greatest amount of control over your time, energy, and money. Simply by working from home, you eliminate many of the costs, both obvious and hidden, that we associate with working for someone else. This includes everything from paying for lunch or coffee at the café down the block, to spending on gas to take you to and from your place of employment. There is no need to punch a time clock; you can work whenever you want to.

There are two basic approaches to setting up a full resell rights home business: (1)  Write your own content, or (2) obtain private label rights for an existing product, and then rewrite it so that it is your own resalable product, complete with master resale rights if you wish.

You always make the most possible money on a product by having control over the most possible steps in the entire product process, from creation to marketing to delivery.

So focus on what interests you. Start by making a list of topics that you are either already an expert on, or could become more of an expert on, without too much effort. Most of these topics will be simply an extension of things you are already doing in your everyday life, rather than skills that require a high degree of specialized, technical training.

While highly specialized skills may certainly form the basis for a successful product with full resell rights, such as an e-book or other instructional product, such as a DVD or video, your best shot at gaining a broad market segment is to provide useful information or advice on topics that the most possible number of people want to know the answers to.

Products sold using full resell rights can cover any popular topic, ranging from advice on dating and relationships, to how to do common repairs, to life management skills, and so forth. Simply by browsing a web site such as Clickbank, and looking at the products that have the highest affiliate marketing rankings, you can get a good idea about what it is that the most people want to get help with.

2.    You Set the Price Point that Attracts the Greatest Number of Buyers

One of the drawbacks to most commercially manufactured products is that they have built-in overhead costs associated with them. In other words, by the time you get the product and resell it, you are already paying for the costs of the manufacturer’s product development, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, and shipping. Then you have to turn it around and sell it to your customer, often at a very slender margin, because you are competing with many other sellers who carry the same identical product. Even many of them who sell intellectual property are giant companies such as Amazon, with volume selling advantages that you cannot possibly match.

On the other hand, if you develop a product where you have full resell rights, then you can resell the product directly to the consumer. Unlike when you purchase someone else’s product to resell, you can change the price whenever you wish. For instance, you can reduce the cost per unit to make a large corporate or institutional sale.

Also, if you want to develop your own network of resellers for your product line, then you can sell them master resale rights for an additional charge. This grants them the full resell rights for your product.

Typically, the cost for master resale rights ranges from five to 10 times the price of simply selling them a single unit for their own personal use. However, as with nearly every product sold online with full resell rights, the terms and conditions can vary substantially. One good way to get an idea as to how you can price. your product line for master resale rights, versus simple resale, is to join various user groups and online boards in your area of interest. By networking in this way with others, you can very easily ask questions as the need arises, and often you will get very quick, concrete responses to practical questions on issues such as pricing.

3.    You Can Resell Individual Items Or Bundle Various Packages. Clearly, it is better for you to make a larger sale of multiple products, right now, while you have your customer’s attention, than to sell a single item resulting in a smaller sale. Then you have to wait around, hoping get his attention all over again, to make another sale, later on. What really drives success in any enterprise is cash flow. Like the saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So anything that you can do that induces your online customer to make a larger purchase now puts more money in your pocket for this month’s bills.

So whether you create your own original product for resale, or purchase the full resell rights for someone else’s product, you should always be thinking ahead as to how you can generate additional products to increase your bottom line per sale. This is why Amazon offers free shipping for any order over $25 — the giant online retailer understands that each additional purchase creates a habit-forming connection in the consumer’s mind, increasing the likelihood of return visits and repeat sales.

So by creating a bundle or package via full resell rights, you are applying the same principle. Offer your customer a generous discount for purchasing more than one product in the same web site visit, and you are on your way to building brand loyalty for the product line that you control by owning full resell rights.