When most of us think about resell rights products, we probably think about gaining the rights to sell information content involving pictures and words, but there are other types of products as well. This article focuses on templates resell rights.

A template is simply a pre-made layout. A designer creates a layout “container” as a blank form, to hold whatever content (text, images, etc.) is needed to personalize the design. Additionally, some of the design elements can be modified, rearranged, or eliminated in order to give the container a unique look and feel.

Some examples of products that require templates are web pages, book covers, and product containers such as software boxes and food cans. In other words, any commercial design project can be set up as a template, and then that template can then be resold. (If you also acquired the master resell rights to the template, then you could also sell it to others, so that they can become resellers of that template, as per the terms of your own original purchase agreement.)

A web page is probably the most common contemporary example of a template-designed product that could include templates resell rights. It can save time, money, and effort to start with a template, then modify that, rather than to pay a web designer for a custom web site design.

So you can think of a web page template as a pre-made web site. Someone with web design knowledge could take the basic template, modify it by changing some of the parameters such as color, line thickness, graphics linked to, and so forth, to create a look and feel that is appropriate for a particular project. High quality templates tend to include full coding for HTML index and content pages, along with blank image sets and Photoshop format files, to make customizing the template as simple and straightforward as possible.

So if you are a coder or web designer — or if you sell to the design world — then one highly useful product for your online business to own is a package (or collection) of code or templates that enables you to save time on your work by giving you a starting point for your own designs. Then you can modify the existing template to meet your client’s needs.

You can buy a specialized package of templates resell rights for other specific Internet applications as well, such as templates that meet the parameters for a particular kind of application, such as blog site or social networking site.

There are also generalized templates resell rights bundles, that provide layouts for many different kinds of applications all at once. And, of course, there are many non-Internet programming applications that can benefit from a package of templates as well, such as office workplace software and game development.

So what are some of the specific advantages of buying templates resell rights?

– As with other types of content, sellers and users have no need to worry about copyright problems . You can modify the content to suit your own needs, rather than paying each time you want to create a new website or other code-based application.

– Any format that web programmers use on a regular basis can be a niche for templates resell rights. So not just HTML code for web page design, but also pre-packaged code for Flash applications (responsible for much web-based animation), PHP scripts (often the basis for those cute little apps you see on blogs and social networking sites, such as polls, personality quizzes, and so forth), and the whole range of more businesslike applications such as mortgage calculators, click counters, and so forth. There are templates for all of these web-based products, so that every time a designer starts working on a site from scratch, he or she doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel.

– Fewer buyers purchasing a more highly specialized product or bundle of products will tend to mean more profit per sale for the reseller. Industry-specific applications, such as medical billing or patient tracking, may provide a lucrative niche for templates resell rights.

– Templates resell rights for websites can be easy to resell, since there are services with which you can sign up for a hosting account. Once you are signed up, you can upload your website templates to a folder at your service, and password protect your folder’s contents. Once you have secured your template content, you can then sell your templates, perhaps by offering your customers memberships or packages. By reselling your own website templates, you can make additional money off of your original designs.

Of course, there are also many more general advantages to owning your own business, whether you sell templates resell rights or anything else:

The “portable business” factor:

– Work whenever you like. No need to punch a time clock. Set your own hours. If you have the discipline to work for yourself, and you can do your own marketing, networking, and promotion, then you can work whenever you want.

– Work wherever you like. Since you orders for templates resell rights can be fulfilled by using a third-party hosting service, and a third-party e-commerce service, your site can take money and fill orders while you sleep. Whenever you are ready to upload new templates or any other content, you can do it from any computer that allows you access to your files over the Internet.

The “remote networking” factor:

– Most self-employed people who run a business over the Internet are very sympathetic to the needs of others who run into the same situations as they do. You can find the answers to a lot of common online entrepreneur issues — whether they involve programming, promotion, or fulfillment — by networking with other self-starters via web-based resources such as user groups, forums, webinars, and chat rooms.

The “deduct your lifestyle” factor:

– Save money on your taxes! By structuring your business to follow federal tax guidelines, many ongoing major life expenses such as rent, gas mileage, and much more may be deductible from your income tax payments, in part or in full.