E book resell rights grant you the right to sell e books to your customers, but not to let them become sellers themselves. By paying a one-time fee to your seller, you resell the e book as many times as you can, and you get to keep any money you make.

Why should your customers buy e books from you? In a word, convenience. Also, price:

1. Most e books are less expensive than printed books, even cheap paperbacks in many cases.

2. E books are available on demand. Just download what you want, when you want it.

3. There is no need to load a book into an electronic book reader in order to take it with you.

4. Downloading an e book is very fast. With a relatively fast connection speed, a novel-length book should take less than five minutes.

5. The software to read most e books, such as Adobe Acrobat, is free to download and fast to update.

6. Less physical stress. Carrying a whole library’s worth of e books on a laptop computer is easy.

If you set yourself up as an online store using e book resell rights, the pieces of the business are easy to put together. You just need a web site with your sales pages, a secure web site for taking money (where the sales pages click through to), and a site where the customer can download a virus-free copy of the e book.

That’s pretty much it. Beyond that, you need to find ways to promote your e book store at a price you can afford. There is a whole art and science to that, which entire books are written about. Methods can range from a blog, to an email newsletter, to a sales page that offers your customers a free preview of the e book in exchange for their email address, to links from other sites and bloggers. Trade links with other compatible bloggers, too. You will also want to learn all that you can about search engine optimization, or SEO, so that the search engine spiders can find your content through your placement of key words and key word phrases in your sales pages.

If you do not write your own books using e book resell rights, you will need to shop for products that your prospects will find interesting, useful, or both. You can buy a package of e books with resell rights to get started with, but you will be better off in the long run to identify specific e book products that you are excited enough about to promote effectively.

Make a business plan for your e book store too. While there is no guarantee that you will come out on top of the pack, careful planning and research goes a long way toward gaining your share of online sales using e book resell rights. Yet the most sure-fire way to make money with e book resell rights is this: Offer your customers a product that is unique and of high quality. Nowadays, with so many online resellers offering ebooks and other types of downloadable content, you must find a way to stand out, for any chance of lasting success. Your e book must be top notch, well promoted, and offered at a price point that puts profit in your pocket while offering value to your shoppers. Give yourself enough time for word of mouth (which often means word of blog) to work in your favor.


Do you enjoy learning about a lot of different things? Do you have a knack for marketing and promotion, and finding out how to sell things online? If you like the idea of running an online store that offers Web surfers an ongoing array of new and interesting e book information, then e books resell rights could be just your line of work, or perhaps a secondary income stream for you.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Such work can be highly challenging. Troubleshooting problems can be frustrating at times, and you will be called upon to put in a lot of extra hours, especially early on. But if you are self-directed, like to set your own hours and work from home, and don’t mind learning a bit of new technology regularly, then you might be someone who could do well with e books resell rights.

When you get e books resell rights, this simply means that you are authorized to sell e book content to online buyers. There is a related niche called master resell rights, which grants you the additional authority to make others resellers of e books as well. So this is an additional line of work you may want to check out, once you have achieved some familiarity and success with basic resell rights.

However, finding a previously unexploited niche market for e books can be satisfying as well as lucrative, and you may find yourself being called an expert by others who seek you out for information regarding your e book niche, which can lead to some attractive extra career opportunities, such as consulting gigs, invitations to speak at trade conferences, and other unexpected ways to earn income or an industry following.

If you can manage your business well, then an online store specializing in e books resell rights can give you an awful lot of flexibility regarding where you do the work, and when you work. When you are the boss, there is no need to negotiate your vacation time with anyone but yourself!

Still, it takes a certain kind of personality to do well as an entrepreneur. Often, entrepreneurs are driven more by the satisfaction of accomplishment itself, than by the lure of money or prestige. However, either (or both) can be an attractive side benefit of managing one’s own business. A tough-minded determination to solve problems is certainly important. A strong desire to be of service and provide real value with your e book product line can also be important. Finally, an interest in tracking down appealing products with a healthy profit margin helps keep food on the table during tough times.

So self-starter types can be well cut out to run an online store leveraging e books resell rights. Such types tend to be very good at finding novel solutions, and often surprisingly simple ones, to complex problems. Yet it does not have to be a lonely endeavor. Online forums and user groups can be excellent sources of solutions, support, and fresh ideas for dealing with the range of challenges likely to arise when running an online store.