When you buy ebook resale rights, they give you the right to sell ebooks to your customers, but do not give your buyers the right to resell the ebooks themselves. It is pretty simple: you pay a one-time fee to your seller, then you resell the ebook as many times as you can, and you get to keep any money you make.

But why would your customers buy their ebooks from you, rather than someone else? You have to market them effectively, of course. You need to win your customer’s confidence, which you do by creating a sales web page. Many ebook resale rights products come pre-packaged with sales pages that you can modify and upload to your own site.

Here, then, are some benefits of ebooks that you can use to sell your ebook titles to your customer base:

1. Ebooks for resale are a growing industry. Buying an ebook is more convenient for your customer than buying a paperback . Also, most ebooks cost less than print books, even cheaper than mass market paperbacks in many cases.

2. Ebooks are available over the Internet, 24/7, downloadable in a few minutes or less. So your customer can just download what they want, when they want it.

3. The software to read most ebooks, such as Adobe Acrobat, is free to download and fast to update.

4. Carrying a whole library’s worth of ebooks on a laptop computer is easy. So there is less physical stress.

But you might be asking, what are some benefits of ebook resale rights to you as a vendor? Why sell ebooks rather than something with a higher sticker price, for instance?

When you use ebook resale rights to set yourself up as an online store, the pieces of the business are easy to put together. It does not cost a lot to get started, either. So it can be an excellent starter business for the first-time online entrepreneur. Basically, you just need three things: (a) a web site that holds your sales pages, (b) a secure site to accept your customers’ money (which is wherever the sales pages click through to), and (c) a secure web site where your customer can download a virus-free ebook file.

That’s really about it. Of course, you also need to find methods for promoting your ebook store at an affordable price. There are entire books about that (and ebooks, certainly!). And there will be more, since the technology behind ebooks continues to evolve. This means that the most effective strategies for woking in the field of ebook resale rights continue to evolve too. Who knows — maybe someday, you can use your own experience to write and sell an ebook on how to sell an ebook!

Some current methods for promoting ebooks include: (a) your own blogs, (b) opt-in email newsletters, (c) back links from other web sites, and (d) “teaser” web pages that offer customers a free ebook in exchange for their email address. You can also trade links with like-minded bloggers. Also, learn whatever you can about search engine optimization, also known as SEO, so that the Google, Yahoo, and MSN “spiders” (web-crawling robots) can locate your sales pages, by way of your clever placement of keywords and keyword phrases within your sales page text.


Selling the ebook with resale rights simply means that you purchase the right to sell copies of a downloadable book to your buyer base, by setting up your own site. Sometimes you can make additional revenue by selling the master resale rights (which means you can license others as resellers) or affiliate marketing (which means that others get a commission for selling your copies by referring their readers to you).

There are many benefits to this business model, but they all boil down to two things:

1) the low overhead; and
2) the flexibility of the business model.

What this means is that selling ebooks online is a relatively easy way to get started in your own business. And the best way to make money with the ebook with resale rights is to offer your shoppers a high quality, unique product. With so many online sellers offering ebooks as downloadable content — sometimes for free, even — you must find a way to shine, in order to have lasting success. So your ebook must be the best possible product; you must learn how to promote it well, and then you must sell it at a price point that profits you while still providing value to your buyers. Allow enough time for word of mouth (online, this often means word of blog) to work in your favor.

If you do not write your own line of ebooks, then you will have to buy resalable ebooks that will interest your customers and prospects. To start, you could purchase a package of ebooks with resell rights. Some books in a bundle tend to be more worthwhile than others. However, it will be better for your sales in the long run if you can “cherry-pick” specific ebook with resale rights products that you are enthused enough about to drive an effective promotion campaign. Your customers can tell when you are just going through the motions of selling a kit versus selling something that you believe has real value.

Persistence pays. As with nearly any endeavor, you must keep trying new approaches and learn from your mistakes. Most people do not succeed in business because they give up too early. Sometimes they overspend, too. So in order to succeed, you must push past the obstacles, stick to your budget, and keep going even if it feels like nothing is working out.

Also, remember to ask for help when you need it. We forgot to mention one other benefit to the ebook business model: there is a huge base of sellers all across the world who trade tips, day and night, every day of the year.

Once you have found a subject area or niche you are enthused about selling in, then run some searches on likely keyword combinations for your area of interest. Right after each keyword phrase, type in the word “forums” to see if there is already an online bulletin board of users discussing the opportunities and pitfalls.

Take the time to make a business plan for your ebook with resale rights store. This should include a budget and some goals. Just put them down for now; you can always refine them later once you know more about what your ebook business entails. There is no sure-fire method to come out on top of the pack, all the time. However, your careful planning and research will a long way toward paying out your fair share of online sales using the ebook with resale rights.


Pay once for ebooks with resale rights, and every time you make a new ebook sale, you’ll pocket the profit. That’s resale rights, in a nutshell.

Some information providers also allow you to buy the right to sell the resale rights for their ebooks, in addition to the ebook itself. This is known as master resale rights, which provide you with two income streams from the same ebook. For those who want to buy these additional rights from you, typically they buy both your ebook and the key or code that allows them to resell it to their customer base. Your customers who want just the ebook pay a lower price.

What is a niche market? A niche market is like a specialty store. Customers in a niche market want specialized information, so it is deep rather than broad. Sometimes this is also called a vertical market.

When you buy ebooks with resale rights in a niche market, you buy the rights to resell specialized information. You may also be buying the right to repackage it. This is an important distinction to check on before your purchase. What this means is that you can improve upon the original packaging by giving the product a more interesting title, or one designed to appeal to more people. Hundreds or even thousands of sellers may be marketing the same product as you, so by giving it a different title, you may stand out from the selling crowd.

Titles are very important. Often, coming up with a catchy title on an often-used search term is the most creative part of your job. You can even sell the same product using different titles. Learn to think like your potential customers using a search engine to find out about your topic. Figure out what common alternate spellings, misspellings, or reverse word orders they might use in their searches.

However, one advantage to buying ebooks with resale rights to a niche market is that there may not be so much competition selling the same content. That means that you will then need to target a market that is highly likely to buy the content you have. You might do this through industry-specific websites, a targeted email list, linking to your site via blogs, or even via print ads in specialty magazines or newspapers. Set yourself a strict budget for such expenditures and take care not to overspend.

A great way to build your customer base is by providing as much variety in a particular niche as you can acquire for a particular category of ebooks with resale rights. If you can become recognized as the go-to site for a particular subject area, then you will build your customer base.

Publicity is important. Any time you acquire new ebooks with resale rights, or whenever something interesting happens in your business, then use that event to publicize your site. Create a downloadable press release. Try to get reviewed online.

Still, gaining a following by being a reputable and useful seller is the way to build your online business. Just as in any other business, word-of-mouth (in the online world, it’s probably word-of-email, or word-of-blog) is the best advertising of all.