While there are no guarantees, the main way to make money with reseller rights ebooks is this: Offer a product that is unique and of high quality. There is such a vast array of online sellers offering ebooks and other downloadable content nowadays. In order to have a lasting chance of success, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Your product must be top notch, and even then, it must be well promoted.

While it is very easy to find outrageous claims regarding how to make money online, it is far more difficult to find useful information that reliably puts money into your pocket, day in and day out. This article covers two approaches for you to try.

1. Find a Niche and Fill It.

Niche marketing can be very lucrative, if you are well informed regarding a particular specialized area of interest. Before you work within a niche market, however, be sure to create a blueprint for your business that addresses your particular niche’s likelihood of online success.

And what is the key to a successful blueprint? We suggest that you make marketing eighty percent of your business plan. You say that you don’t like marketing? Then you had better find someone else to work for, someone you can hire to do this marketing for you at a rate you can afford (happy hunting) — or simply learn to do it yourself. Trust us, no one will market your product more effectively than you can, because no one else will believe in it as strongly as you do. Not to worry, though — there are resources and systems of support for you that we will get to shortly.

Meanwhile, ask yourself this: Once you have spent your valuable time and energy developing a unique and high quality product, are you really going to let it sink beneath the waves of the Internet, while all those less worthy yet well- hyped products succeed?

As with any other reseller rights ebooks business, it takes time and patience to develop a following, no matter how great and current your idea is. One way you can develop your business is to start a blog, preferably with a catchy and easy to remember title, that has a direct bearing on your particular niche.

One way to research your niche and its current availability of reseller rights ebooks is to search on eBay and Craigslist. Check out the searchallcraigs site for fast global searching. Also, you can try using the Google AdWords site. This kind of research can give you an idea as to what your particular area of expertise is selling for. Try both likely and unlikely sounding combinations of keywords. If you find a combination that has a fair number of searches on AdWords in the previous month, but neither too few nor too many (usually between 2,000 and 20,000), then it may be a niche worth setting up. The goal here is to tap into a niche that is neither too over-exposed nor too obscure to have a market.

Doing your research thoroughly is the most effective way to locate a niche that is likely to yield a profit. Log onto discussion boards to check out what people are interested in. Start by opening a search engine window, then typing in the phrase that describes your niche area of interest. Now follow that with the word “forums”. Now hit the return key and see what results you get.

We hope this shows you how easy it can be to start your research on selling reseller rights ebooks. As you study the marketing techniques of other online sellers offering reseller rights ebooks, make notes of what you like and dislike. Chances are good that anything that offends your intelligence will not sell well, while anything that appeals to your imagination will work for you too. The important thing is to figure out how to market your product line.

2. Be Better than the Rest.

Most ebooks available for download online are packaged as resalable products, with ready-made sales pitches and download pages. You can increase your level of success by learning to write and market your own line of reseller rights ebooks.

You may be wondering why you would want to spend so much time and effort to sell something that has no record of success. Sure, it is always easier to start selling with a tried and true product. Yet that also makes it more likely to be oversold by the time you start your marketing campaign with it.

Furthermore, if you produce and promote your own ebook, it can be an extremely valuable tool for promoting your own business, in a way that is not possible by using anyone else’s product. Also, by the time you experience the process of marketing your own ebook for resale, probably you will have come up with several ideas for spin-off products.

As you promote your reseller rights ebooks, some of your satisfied customers are likely to talk it up, and perhaps even begin to resell it for you,. Eventually, some of their clients will do the same. This is how viral marketing works. All the time, you are creating word-of-mouth and building professional credibility for your enterprise.

Of course, you can create a brief ebook for a low price, or simply as a giveaway product — a teaser that entices your prospects to buy your premium product. At the end of your free or low-priced product, include some text such as, “Want more ideas like these? Then Click Here.”

The “Click Here” then leads to a sales page for your premium ebook. It doesn’t really matter whether you are selling reseller rights ebooks on preventative medicine or preventative maintenance for your car, since the same principles always apply. First, you get your prospect interested with a free or low-cost sample, which then sets them up with your sales pitch for the full range of products and expertise.

Also, be unique. There are many ways to be unique, but one great way is to be the first to market with a topical ebook in any new format that comes out or is gaining market share rapidly, such as Amazon Kindle. Or you can offer the reseller rights ebooks in as many formats as possible, so that you have the most chances of gaining customers looking for your topic in reseller rights ebooks.