With more and more people out of work, more and more are turning to the Internet and the possibility of leveraging its enormous power to earn a steady income from home. Learn in this article about the basics you need to obtain your personal piece of this huge pie.

Here are some of the main advantages to a business selling rebrandable products such as resell rights software over the Internet:

* This kind of selling is a portable or home-based business. You can work at any location where there is a dial-up connection or faster.

* You can spend more time at home with your family. You can do your work when you want to.

* You don’t have to shave, shower, make up, or dress for work if you don’t want to.

* Resell rights software is a start up business with no high up-front investment. You should be able to set yourself a budget for any necessary start up costs and stick to it. (If you find yourself buying too many whiz-bang widgets and gadgets, you can stop yourself from going into a financial hole, as long as you discipline yourself to stick to your set-up budget. Or you can make an agreement to check in regularly with your spouse or a friend, or even your accountant, if you tend to overspend on cool things.)

* There are no cold calls — no face to face or phone sales are involved. You either create your own web-based sales pages, or download pre-existing sales pages as part of your resell rights software package, then modify the logos and links with your own business brand and contact information.

* Since products are downloaded via the Internet, you as a reseller do not need to stock or ship inventory. This reduces your cash flow risk.

* Once you set up the remote structure, a resell rights software business runs on auto pilot, and so it earns you money while you sleep.

* Once you are established, your business gives you greater job security than nowadays practically any other employer can.

* Many expenses associated with a standard job are deductible from your taxes, once you are in business for yourself.

So how do you set up the remote structure? Basically, you need a hosting service for your sales materials, an online merchant service to take payments, and a reliable site for your customers to download your software products. You also need a product line that is valuable to your customers, of course. And then you need to change your product line’s presentation as you discover new and exciting software for download, and as older products no longer sell as well as they used to.

The Internet is the most widespread information source that this planet has ever seen! Instant information, on every possible subject, is available with just a few clicks of the mouse. This installed audience base of millions of people is willing and eager to pay for the information that they need now.

Selling information is one of the highest-margin businesses on the Internet. It is also one of the easiest web based businesses to get started in. So jot down your questions and ideas, do your research, and get started on your resell rights software business!


Do you pick up new software applications quickly? Do you enjoy helping other people to solve real-life problems using their computers? Then a home business based on software with resell rights may be just the thing for you. If you have a background in using various software applications, then why not track down valuable yet affordably priced software applications? You can purchase the license to resell these products to others. Make this the focus of your online business.

Maybe you are good at figuring out how to make software run better, or solving hardware issues related to software. If you are the person whom others come to when they need help with solving a software problem, then you could do very well with this resell rights niche. By focusing on this useful function, you will learn about applications that others can use to help them do just about anything. From managing their time, to tracking their expenses, to sticking to their exercise program, to planning and cooking a holiday dinner for 10 guests, it’s all out there.

There are many advantages to running a home-based business dealing in software with resell rights:

1.    Since resell rights products are downloaded over the Internet, there is no need to buy and stock inventory. All you have to do is to find a web site where your customers can download the program electronically.

2.    Since you can run this business from your home, there is no need to rent store space, pay employees to run the storefront in your absence, or to deal with any of the usual cash flow and logistics concerns of the brick and mortar business location.

3.    You can work any hours of the day or night. Yes, it will take some work to run an online business, just as with any other enterprise, but the flexibility of time management can make a web-based business ideal for anyone from a soccer mom to a disabled vet.

4.    Since your business transactions are run and managed remotely, you can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. There is no need to dress up for success.

5.    Since software with resell rights gives you the license to market your software products as you see fit, then you can bundle software programs together in a package, to offer your customers even more value, and even more incentive to buy from you. Maybe all you need is an interesting angle that no one else has thought of yet, such as a homemaker’s bundle, the sports fan’s kit, or the gardener’s variety pack. Find a niche and fill it!

You can see, then, that the possibilities of a software with resell rights business are limited only by your imagination. Practically everyone nowadays needs solutions to problems that can be worked on using the computer. Start with a list of your own interests, and see if there is anything on that list that you can use as the springboard for launching your own online business providing software with resell rights.