So Why Sell Ebooks?

Perhaps the best benefit of a business dealing in ebooks for resale online is that it makes a relatively easy startup business. So if you are just starting out in online resale, this is an excellent place to begin.

When you buy resale rights for an ebook, what you are really buying is a license that permits you to sell an ebook written by another. Once you have paid for your own copies of ebooks for resale, you can then sell them to others. The whole transaction takes place online, from sales pitch to payment to delivery, so you do not need to ship the ebook content to your customer.

However, you need to select your ebooks for resale carefully. Different online sites have differing rules and restrictions with regard to how you are allowed to resell their ebooks for resale. Read your license carefully BEFORE you pay for the resale rights, so that you can select the ebooks that are the best fit with your own business needs and goals.

If you find the right niche, a business dealing in ebooks for resale can run itself most of the time. You will need to search for new content regularly, and learn some marketing skills — in particular, how to write effective sales copy. Experts have stated that writing a successful sales page is the toughest aspect of launching a hit product. Copywriting is an art that most of us are not that good at, but it can be learned.

For this reason, it is important for you to be genuinely excited about your ebooks for resale. You will sell most successfully when you are the most motivated to sell. Selling products that you believe in will keep you motivated to do your best when you are less than thrilled with the results.

By learning the differences between basic ebook resale rights, master resale rights, private label rights, and reprint rights, then you can even generate multiple income streams from your online store. Different customers have different needs and goals, and so you will need to target each customer base in an appropriate manner. Clearly, people who want to buy the right to resell your product line themselves have different goals and priorities than those who just want a good read.

Here are the basic categories of resale rights. It is important to understand each category, as you put together your ebook product line.

– Ebooks with Giveaway Rights.

You can give these products, free of charge, to anyone. Do not assume that free products have no useful or valuable content, or that they will not benefit your business. While you are not allowed to edit the content, you can use such products as an incentive to get your customers to buy other content from you.. Many products with giveaway rights come to you complete with graphics and sales pages. This means less work for you.

– Ebooks with Basic Resale Rights.

Resale rights allow you to sell ebooks for resale at a profit. You are not licensed to grant the resale rights to your customers, however. Customers may use the products themselves, and may also resell them to other users. Basic resale rights do not allow you to edit the product, or to brand them with your own label and name.

– Ebooks with Master Resale Rights.

Master resale rights allow you to re-market the product and keep the profits along with passing on the resale rights to your customer base. You can derive two types of customers and sales from ebooks and other products with the MRR option:
- One type of customer buys the product for his or her personal use.
- The other type buys the product for resale to their customer base. Ebooks and software with master resale rights, therefore, can yield greater earnings than either of these categories alone. So the end-user gets the product at a relatively low price, compared to the business customer, who pays a premium in order to resell the product. Again, master resale rights do not permit branding or editing of the product. Typically, however, graphics and sale pages are included.

– Ebooks with Private-Label Rights (PLRs).

In the resale rights business, PLRs can be the best all-around deal, as the rights allow you to edit the content and use your own brand and name to market them. You can use any method to sell the products, and you get the right to sell the PLRs to others.

– Ebooks with Branding Rights.

Branding rights allow the author to earn a commission when the customer buys a product by clicking on a link within the product. (This is related to another form of online selling called affiliate marketing.) When you have the branding rights for an ebook or software, you are permitted to replace the product’s internal links with your own links, to make extra money.

Why Do Ebooks Appeal to Book Readers?

Here are some selling points you can use to point out the benefits of ebooks for resale to your prospects or customer base:

– Saves money. Ebooks for resale are usually less expensive than paperback books.
– Saves time. Most downloads take four minutes or less.
– Saves even more time. This nearly instant fulfillment means ultimate convenience. There is no need to wait for mail or make a trip to the bookstore.
– Ebooks are super-portable. You can take them anywhere you go, with many books loaded onto the same device at a time. Hold an entire library within a laptop computer. Great for vacation reading or writing papers.
– Maximum power and flexibility for the user. Online access using an ebook device lets the user do research, create content, organize it, and reorganize it. The new generation of devices allow notation, markup, and other features, just like a print book, but notes are erasable too!
– Ebook reading software is easy to download, and it is free.

Given the fast-moving nature of the Internet marketplace, many buying decisions are made on a nearly instantaneous, impulse basis. Often, ebooks and other digital content gets purchased as the result of a search engine query, or by clicking on links that are related to the subject being read about in a blog, on email, or even by clicking on a link within another ebook. By providing relevant content in a timely manner, 24/7, to any computer in the world with an Internet connection, you too can set up shop as an online merchant of ebooks for resale.