The online resale rights niche involves the online sale of digital products, primarily information, which the buyer acquires the rights to sell as her own. In other words, the buyer purchases a license to sell the product, without creating the content himself. Typically, the buyer creates an online “storefront” by using either pre-packaged sales pages, or by creating them herself.

A vendor of master resale rights, on the other hand, does not sell just the product, but also the license to sell it to others as well. It’s a bit like the distinction between being a record store, and a record store distributor.

The information for which you offer master resale rights can be any kind of content that people are willing to pay for, such as e-books, articles, art work, software, videos, downloadable audio, and web site memberships. Then your products can generate additional money if you pay an additional fee permitting you to sell licenses to others.

This is the biggest benefit of MRR — you can make two income streams from the same product. Purchasing the resale rights to a product generally costs many times more than simply buying a copy of the product without this resale license, but you can profit on the product if you can sell enough copies.

Now, if you are interested in starting a business using master resale rights, then you will wonder, “which products are the best sellers?” Often the most popular content is information that saves your buyers time, money, or energy.

Let’s say that there is a popular blogging site. You have a chance to sell your blogging customers a way to automate their blogging routine, maybe by using an application or a template where they can drag and drop photos to go with their text, then upload it all at once. That might be worth a certain amount to them. Now, if you had a chance to acquire a license with MRR for this product, and you knew how to reach a big group of bloggers quickly and effectively, then that would be a good product to acquire MRR for. If you could get in on the ground floor, and market your product quickly and effectively (that is, before the market for it became saturated), then you could make a good secondary income selling the product to those bloggers who wanted to acquire the right to resell it on their own sites as well.

So what could be put even more money in your pocket than selling your master resale rights products one item at a time? Sell your buyers a bundle of products, with or without the MRR, all at once. One industry where this is common is the digital type industry, where an end user might purchase a whole library of individual typefaces at a big discount.

The bottom line is this: what’s your bottom line? Probably, you will find that it is worth the extra investment to buy master resale rights on products that you feel highly confident about your ability to market to other resellers. It is also worth your effort to find a source for MRR that you feel is very trustworthy. One way is to find online forums, and query other members about their experiences with a particular vendor. Or perhaps you can skip that middleman altogether, and build relationships with creators of original material. Then package their work for resale, both as product to the end-user, as well as MRR to other sellers.


Ebooks are available online,, covering nearly every topic imaginable. By finding the right niche, and using the right tools, an ebook business can be a fairly straightforward and automatic way to make money online. Buying and selling master resale rights ebooks is one way to profit.

When you buy resale rights for a product, you receive a license permitting you to sell products made by others. You do not need to use the Postal Service to deliver ebooks or software products to your customer. While the resale rights business can make for an easy startup project, it is important to choose your master resale rights ebooks with foresight. Different vendors have different rules and regulations regarding how you can resell their ebooks and software. So you need to read about those restrictions in order to choose the products that work the best for your particular online business.

Master resale rights allow you to purchase the right to pass along the resale rights to your customer. Every customer must buy one copy of your ebook, but for an additional fee, they can buy the right to resell their copy. So you can derive two income streams from the same ebook. One type of customer buys the product for personal use; the other type buys a license to resell the product to his own customer base.

With master resale rights ebooks, then, the end-user gets the product at a relatively low price, compared to the business customer, who pays a premium in order to resell the product himself. Master resale rights do not permit branding or editing of the product. Typically, however, graphics and sales pages are included.

Master resale rights are assignable for individual ebooks in your sales line, or for an entire bundle of ebooks. Some sellers even give away an ebook for nothing, including its master resale rights, as a way to get the customer to pay for some other ebook. You can even create joint ventures for profit, to share between you and other marketers, by selling a group of related products as a single package deriving from your site and theirs.

This may be worthwhile if the market for a particular product or group of products has not already been saturated. Some common topics for master resale rights ebooks include: how to sell your own home; how to make money via seminars; how to bring romance into your life; how to solve a problem such as sleeplessness, or obesity; or something practical — perhaps home repair, or how to cook.

So, as you evaluate ebooks to which you want to buy the master resale rights, consider which topics are popular, and whether someone is offering you a new spin on a tried and true concept.

It is always a good idea to test out the concept on your circle of influence, which can be anyone from family to friends to colleagues, before you purchase master resale rights ebooks. You may want to ask your seller for referrals from satisfied customers before your purchase. Later on, be sure to solicit satisfied customers for testimonials on your products too!

Finally, scan the Internet to see who else is offering similar products, and what kind of deals they are creating from such content. In order to compete in a pre-existing marketplace, you have to offer something that satisfies a need, and offers compelling value in a new and different way. Do not be afraid to try on many different ideas before you lay down your cash.